Call Center Phone Systems Suck

I loathe having to call up any big company to get service.

Some parts of the process are just reality but many could be massively improved with a few small changes.

In no particular order here’s my beefs:

1.) Volume control – if your “your call is important to us” voice recording is so quiet that normal people can’t hear it… or so loud I can’t hold the phone to my ear – you’re annoying customers before they can even talk to you.

2.) If the Customer Service Rep (CSR) will be unable to do anything without my account number, name of first born, and the last 6 digits of my credit card – make sure you inform me up front and collect that data from me while I’m waiting for a representative.

3.) Those automated systems that ask callers to verbally state which option they want from a menu are officially the most annoying automated systems ever designed! Seriously if you can avoid ever installing one of these your customers will thank you. I don’t think they have ever correctly grasped my intentions. “How can I help you?“… “Tech Support“… “Did you say [Printer Ink Refills]?“… “No!“… “Let me try again – how can I help you?“… “I want to talk to a real person!“… “Did you say [Wifi Setup]?“…”WTF!? you stupid piece of ****!“… “Did you say [Install Anti-virus]?

4.) Most times when you are calling for some level of tech support the CSR has a script they want to run through to resolve your issue.  It would be soooooo much better if they would at the beginning of the call politely ask what your level of technical expertise you have (or listen when you try to tell them!) so that you could skip over some of the endless steps and explanations (e.g. I know how to bounce my router, get & release my IP address, my version of Windows, how to open Device Manager, etc.)

Behind the scenes of course I realize that not every company has a good system to take care of all the details… and that the staff that know the products/services very well are likely not working the phones but anything a company can do to improve this workflow would be really appreciated by customers and hopefully happy customers will improve your companies bottom line. 🙂


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