What Is SongKiwi and Can I Participate?

Full disclosure – this post is also a bit of shameless self promotion.

I’ve had an idea for a website / webapp for quite some time and I’ve recently been working on bringing it to fruition.  I’ll be chronicling the progress here on this blog.

Due to the nature of the Internet, Startups, and the importance of being “first” to a particular domain I’m going to be keeping a bunch of details under wraps until ready. 😉 However there’s a few details I can share so here goes.

I’ve always been a big music fan and love to share my passion with other music buffs whenever possible but I’ll concede that outside of a one on one chat with a friend I haven’t found a good online experience to share this energy.

Well with this new site I hope to change that.  What if there was a site where you could share the knowledge and experiences you’ve had with music? Do you remember singing along to “The Power Of Love” in Back To The Future… or what band sung the theme song to Friends… or what song is playing in the background of the latest Doritos commercial?

Maybe you are the local expert on all things U2, Britney Spears, Garth Brooks, Psy, One Direction or Daft Punk? If you’ve into music at all you’ll likely enjoy what’s coming with SongKiwi and should sign up for more information and to get on the beta invite list. I promise it will be both fun and useful.

Signup for information on the SongKiwi beta.

I’ll try and give a bit more info in posts to come especially when a bunch of the technical details have been decided upon. HTA6UNSTYW9W


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