Programming Rule #7

I’m pulling the number out of thin air (as I know I’ll have dozens) and the exact order doesn’t matter but here goes with my…

Programming Rule #7


“Thou shalt pre-load, store locally or cache any static data you can when there is a high probability of re-use and/or you can significantly improve screen loading time.”

For many this will seem like a “duh!” kind of thing but I’m surprised how many developers will not take the initiative to improve the usability of an application by doing this.

For the Web this means put all your scripts, stylesheets and images in files that are served up with maximum caching potential.  For mobile apps this means load your static data lists up front in the initial download or from your server on the initial app startup… just make sure your users know that this delay in the initial load is a 1 time thing.  For classic desktop apps… well do whatever you need to do there… but I suspect similar to mobile the initial install (or the initial startup) is when you want to download the critical assets you need.


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