Programming Rule #1

The counterpart rule to programming rule #7 is this one.

Programming Rule #1

“Thou shalt only load the data you need, and only when you need it.”

This is a rule that affects everyone as an end user.  Users can see exactly what content loaded on the screen and when it takes longer than expected the experience is ruined.  As a developer every time I see inefficient code that is loading more than it needs to… or well before it is potentially needed or disastrously even when it is not needed – I cringe.  Its a waste of resources & network bandwidth and it makes screens load slower affecting not just the end user but every developer or tester than needs to wait for that page to load.

Of course the exception to this is when you have a ton of data that makes more sense to pre-load.  That’s fine too (and covered in programming rule #7) 😉

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